Ox Engineered Products are Energy Efficient and Comprised of Recycled Content

All OX products and practices keep our longstanding tradition of a strong focus on environmental responsibility front and center. Our commitment to the environment includes an emphasis on sustainable business practices.

OX Engineered Products are Energy Efficient:

  • Lower Air Infiltration
  • Reduce Conductive Heat Losses Address
  • Thermal Bridging Through Framing
  • Reduce Condensation Potential Within Wall Cavity


OX Engineered Products Comprised of Recycled Content:

  • OX moisture resistant sheathings contain 74% to 94% recycled POST consumer content and are recyclable
  • OX Companies recycle over 140,000 tons of paper each year, which translates to 420,000 cubic yards of landfill space and over 300 million kWh of electricity according to US EPA.

Ox is Green and Part of the Team

  • Every Day is Earth Day

    Watch a video about how “Happy” OX is to make Every Day Earth Day!

  • Better Housing Coalition

    Learn more about how SIS helped better Housing Coalition to achieve Net-Near Zero Results for its Multi-Family Unit to benefit low-income Seniors.

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