OX Engineered Products: Manufacturers of High-Performance, Green Engineered Building Products

OX building products are multi-functional, allowing builders to save steps, time & money. Vertical integration means OX is in control--we deliver the best, most innovative products at the lowest cost.
OX-manufactured STYROFOAM SIS™ Brand Structural Insulated Sheathing,
Thermo-Ply® Protective Sheathing and ISO RED ci Polyiso Foam Sheathing
quite simply solve the puzzle to building the better wall.


    Innovative, First-to-Market STYROFOAM SIS Structural Insulated Sheathing is a 4-in-1 Solution for Strong Structure, Built-in WRB, Air Barrier and Significant R-Values.

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  • Thermo-Ply

    Stable-priced, High-Performance Alternative to Wood Structural Panels. Meets and Exceeds tough building codes and provides built-in WRB and Air Barrier.

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  • ISO Red

    Closed Cell Technology Provides R-Values and Moisture Resistance. Continuous insulation (ci) stops thermal bridging while maintaining wall cavity temperatures

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Solve the Puzzle to Building the Better Wall: OX Build Strong Solutions

Save Steps. Save Time. Save Money.
OX innovative, multi-functional building products help builders solve the puzzle:

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